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[boikitten...] [17 Jul 2006|10:25am]
[ mood | okay ]

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boikitten - punk, goth and alternative custom and unique clothing!

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[promo...] [02 Jul 2006|03:52pm]
[ mood | creative ]

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Good stuff. [06 Feb 2005|01:02am]

I thought that you guys might get a kick outa this.

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[20 Apr 2004|10:35am]

Cuuuute! ;-)

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Sorry for the X-posting [16 Mar 2003|06:31pm]

[ mood | hopeful ]

Hallo all! Im trying to update my CatGirl Gallery again and I was wondering if any of you have any kitty pics that you wouldn't mind passing along??? If it's more than one pic, please send it as a ZIP file to neko@nekosplayground.com. Thanks for any help!!!

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*blinku* [20 Jan 2003|05:06am]

[ mood | busy ]

omg... how long has it been since I posted in THIS thing! ^^ Anywho, any of you that aren't already on my friends list, add me now, cause my LJ has the same affect to this *fan club* lol Anywho! That's all!!!! ^^

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[22 Nov 2002|05:44am]

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...mmm...blood... [06 Nov 2002|07:11pm]

[ mood | amused ]


Post a comment to let me know if you do this and your username so I know who you are. Thank you


~ Neko

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*sigh* what do you guys think??? [03 Nov 2002|09:50am]

[ mood | confused ]

I Neko l: Crys?
SilverWingdFate: Hello??
I Neko l: Hey it's Kym. Do you know where Jake is?
SilverWingdFate: Whooaa. Whataminute. He's not there...?
I Neko l: Um... can i call you?
SilverWingdFate: Sorry hun, I can't stay long, to talk or otherwise - especially if no one knows there the hell his skinny ass is
I Neko l: Well can you please help me??? Im so freakin worried
I Neko l: his phone isn't working and he's not at the hotel where he said he was
SilverWingdFate: I haven't heard from him in two days thinking he was just wrapped up with you!!!
SilverWingdFate: Jesus fucking hell
I Neko l: PLease can I call you?
I Neko l: just for a few mins?
I Neko l: i never found him at the airport and he won't call me from any other number... not even a pay phone.
SilverWingdFate: I'm so sorry, and I wish I could - to find out wtf is going on if nothing else - btut i was supposed to be gone 15 minutes ago, and now i need to get his family and just...
I Neko l: tell me what i need to do
SilverWingdFate: and didn't you know he's scared to fucking death of phones...? well, you did a good job of curing him of most of that but...
SilverWingdFate: it'll take hell and all the demons in it for him to touch one with a cord
I Neko l: thanks... jsut tell me whatever you need me to do
SilverWingdFate: tell you?? i don't know!!!
SilverWingdFate: umm
I Neko l: fuck... why would he give me a wrong room number?
SilverWingdFate: huh???
I Neko l: he gave me a room number to the hilton in burbank
I Neko l: and i went there and checked it out
I Neko l: he didn't being a briefcase with him did he?
I Neko l: *bring
SilverWingdFate: damn him. yeah, he did, said something about it but i don't remember. only thing to keep all his work crap straight
SilverWingdFate: fuckfuckfuck, i've gtg
I Neko l: cause the room was under the name James

I Neko l: want me to go by there again?
I Neko l: when can i talk to you again to see what's going on?
SilverWingdFate: i dunno, i have work till hellsteeth early tomorrow
I Neko l: FUCK, i need to be able to keep in touch with you
SilverWingdFate: why does he always have to go and get into some kind of torouble or another? i swear its the family curse. damnit!! and im so sorry
I Neko l: does he really love me?
I Neko l: and he really is out here? i gave up cause i thought something went wrong and he lied to me this whole time
SilverWingdFate: you have no idea sweetheart. he loves you more than anything and it tears him apart.
I Neko l: then i will find him
I Neko l: fuck it i will
SilverWingdFate: and why the hell would he lie to you...?
SilverWingdFate: i dont get it
I Neko l: who the hell knows.
I Neko l: i heard someone else in the room tho when he was there
I Neko l: then mysteriously got cut off
SilverWingdFate: oh, wonderful
I Neko l: what do you know?
I Neko l: anything about where he is or the rent a car?
SilverWingdFate: he had to arrange everything through work because of that whole screwed up age issue
I Neko l: what name is it undeR?
SilverWingdFate: no clue
SilverWingdFate: and i'm really really sorry, but i need to go
I Neko l: how can i keep in touch with you?
SilverWingdFate: now that the whole long distance thing screwed our service for the rest of the month, i think this is the only way
I Neko l: when can i see you online?
I Neko l: give me a time
I Neko l: so i can meet you
SilverWingdFate: i get home about 3 am?
I Neko l: so I will see you 1am my time?
SilverWingdFate: gotcha
I Neko l: PLease.... we need to find him... we need to talk
SilverWingdFate: no fuck..
I Neko l: okay... im going to the hotel again
I Neko l: see if you can find something about the name he's under
SilverWingdFate: ok, i'll do what i can, and i'll see you at 3/1
I Neko l: okay, see you then.
I Neko l: thank you
I Neko l: is there anyone that i can get in touch with?
I Neko l: over there?
I Neko l: any numbers or screen names
SilverWingdFate: thank me? whatever - thank you!! i had NO fucking clue... and i dunno. he just kinda..lkeft. told his aunt, us, and that was pretty much it.
I Neko l: FUCK
I Neko l: okay...im sending out people here to look for him
I Neko l: want my cell in case you find something?
SilverWingdFate: LA, right?
SilverWingdFate: and yes, PLEASE
I Neko l: 8 41 36
SilverWingdFate: ok
I Neko l: anything at all?
I Neko l: tell me anytthing?
SilverWingdFate: ok
I Neko l: anything at all?
I Neko l: tell me anytthing?
SilverWingdFate: anything. but if he turns up shot to death in some back street, i am so not going to be surprised
SilverWingdFate: fuck. just..fuck
I Neko l: FUNCK
I Neko l: *FUCK
SilverWingdFate: and my manager is so going to eat my ass, and im sorry
I Neko l: okay... ill see you later.... can i get a hold of anthony? woudl he know anything?
I Neko l: or can he help?
SilverWingdFate: anthony's at a funeral, and he's less help than i am in any situation, much less one involving jake, sorry to say
I Neko l: fuck.... okay....
I Neko l: ill see you at 3am
I Neko l: should i do a police report?
SilverWingdFate: he really does love you, you know. there were times when he couldn't eat because he felt so guilty about having done this or that. stll blows my mind. and no, not yet, at least.
I Neko l: ....im so sorry....
I Neko l: i... feel so bad... so helpless
SilverWingdFate: don't be sorry. and we're all helpless, hun. nothing we can do about it but try
I Neko l: *sigh*
I Neko l: please... if you hear from him
SilverWingdFate: i know. if i find out anything, you'll know it too
I Neko l: okay.. tonight...
I Neko l: ill see you then
SilverWingdFate: yeah
I Neko l: call me if you find anything
I Neko l: should i call his aunt?
SilverWingdFate: she just knows he left. and she'd chew your ass out until you wanted to go crawl under a rock and die, and then some, which i don't think would be any help
I Neko l: true... that's what i have heard
SilverWingdFate: its really fucking sad that i have to meet you like this. and yeah.. she's an A class bitch
I Neko l: im still going out there next week
I Neko l: if we dont' find him... can i still come up to see you and maybe try from there?
SilverWingdFate: please do...if nothing else, we can all get drunk together and gripe and sob and feel sorry for ourselves.
I Neko l: okay... im planning to come up there sat...
I Neko l: the day we were supposed to get married? or did he not tell you about htat?
SilverWingdFate: i was about to make that connection
I Neko l: what do you mean?
I Neko l: esplain
SilverWingdFate: that ist was supposed to be 'the day'
I Neko l: fuck... why did he say he was coming out here?
SilverWingdFate: all he said was 'for kym'
I Neko l: and didn't he tell you that he was in phoenix in the hospital?
SilverWingdFate: yeah
I Neko l: and?
SilverWingdFate: i got mad at him when he tried to go in the first place
I Neko l: *sigh* im so sorry
SilverWingdFate: and then i told him to coeme back, and he wouldn't
SilverWingdFate: don't be sorry.
I Neko l: but i am... it's my fauylt if something happens
SilverWingdFate: yeah, whatever. he made the choice, and i don't blame you, and no one i know would blame you, so you shouldn't blame yourself, either
I Neko l: grrr... okay... im gonna have people stake out the hotel
I Neko l: and see if you can get me the name hes registered under
SilverWingdFate: aright
I Neko l: anything else?
SilverWingdFate: i dunno. i'm no good at this investigation crap, but, oh well. i'll just see what i can
SilverWingdFate: get*
I Neko l: okay.... talk to you later tonight
SilverWingdFate: yeah
I Neko l: bai
SilverWingdFate: and i hope i dont hae to say this, but if you find out something happened, don't get any suicidal tendencies on me, ok?
I Neko l: lol i promise im not like that
SilverWingdFate: lol good
I Neko l: hmm
SilverWingdFate: ok, cya
I Neko l: okay, bai

** later last night **

I Neko l: Crys, did you find anything?
SilverWingdFate: Nada
I Neko l: i thought you had work?
SilverWingdFate: Well work can wait
I Neko l: he wasn't at the hotel
I Neko l: it was a wrong room number
I Neko l: and he wasn't in phoenix
SilverWingdFate: What name did you look for ?
I Neko l: i didn't look under a name... i looked at the room he told me
SilverWingdFate: A room in Phoenix ?
I Neko l: no... here...
I Neko l: where he said he was
I Neko l: and i looked for him under his name in phoenix since he told me he was filling out paper work
I Neko l: i figured he would sign under his name?
SilverWingdFate: A 19 year old?
I Neko l: I don't know?
SilverWingdFate: I'm sorry hun, but there's no way
I Neko l: explain?
I Neko l: why not?
SilverWingdFate: Because it's illegal
I Neko l: then what name?
SilverWingdFate: I don't know?
SilverWingdFate: His agency does a lot of rehabilitization - could be anything
I Neko l: then why would he give me the wrong room number at the hilton?
I Neko l: crys?
SilverWingdFate: Well, there could be a thousand and one reasons for that. Dyslexia, they could have switched him - no vacancies at this point and time, as I understand it - if he was gone for the past two days and hasn't checked in they could have reassigned the room...just...anything, if you think about it...
SilverWingdFate: Im sorry Im kinda slow
I Neko l: then why not get a hold of me or ANYONE
SilverWingdFate: I dont know!!
I Neko l: fuck
SilverWingdFate: Yeah
I Neko l: please tell me that this isn't some sort fo sick joke and that he really is missing... please...
SilverWingdFate: I really hope you're not looking to me for this reassurance. You have to have faith in SOMETHING, right? Besides, I dont hit the sick and twisted scene - and Jake less so by a million miles
I Neko l: does he lack in the common sense sometimes?
SilverWingdFate: Sometimes? ALL the time
I Neko l: Okay... we have all night to go searching... can I keep track of you on the phone?
SilverWingdFate: I figure it comes from being too damned smart intellectually
I Neko l: That's what I thought!@
I Neko l: *!
SilverWingdFate: ??????
I Neko l: About the common sense.
SilverWingdFate: Oh. Lol, bear with the stupid person
I Neko l: And can I keep your number and call you as far as info? Since we won't have access to a puter?
I Neko l: Or you can email me through my phone, and we can talk like that
SilverWingdFate: I dunno if it'll let the call go through. No long distance calls can go out. We can try in the next 5 ins and if I dont hear anything I can go online and then contact thru the email thing
SilverWingdFate: mins*
SilverWingdFate: Hello???
I Neko l: okay, im gonna stay online
I Neko l: but call you from my cell
I Neko l: what's the number?
SilverWingdFate: 94 59
I Neko l: calling right now
I Neko l: it's busy
I Neko l: cause you are online?
SilverWingdFate: took the words outta my mouth. or however you would say that to mean typing
I Neko l: lol
I Neko l: sorry
I Neko l: ESP
I Neko l: or so he says
SilverWingdFate: yeah, he told me about that
I Neko l: sorry.
SilverWingdFate: sorry? why ?
I Neko l: cause sometimes i am too fast for the other persom
I Neko l: *person
I Neko l: and if something bad happened to him like fatal, I would know.
I Neko l: news is good around here.
SilverWingdFate: sorry you lost me. huh ???
I Neko l: *sigh* sorry.
SilverWingdFate: im just stupid, no worries
I Neko l: okay... sometimes I can speak and type before the other person and if something really bad happened to him, I would know cause it would be in the news.
SilverWingdFate: no worries, and i dunno how much of that to believe
I Neko l: believe of what?
SilverWingdFate: about the news. the media is a scandal, point one, and, point two, they rarely do a coverage of all reported deaths and such. fuck, even in milton, you're lucky if it's all even in the opituaries in the paper...
SilverWingdFate: obituaries*
I Neko l: hmm... lately they have been doing all small things down to the deaths because there is no news out here right now.
I Neko l: anywho, can i call?
SilverWingdFate: gotta love CA. and yeah, justa sec
I Neko l: okay thanks.
SilverWingdFate signed off at 6:10:37 PM.
SilverWingdFate signed on at 6:15:53 PM.
I Neko l: eh
SilverWingdFate: that apparently didnt work
I Neko l: hmmm
I Neko l: okay, lets work on this
SilverWingdFate: lead on
I Neko l: can you tell me everything that you know?
SilverWingdFate: what do you know, first, so i'm not just rattling off things you all ready know
I Neko l: just tell me everything. i thinkt hat i know way more so it will be easier for me to sort through your stuff.
SilverWingdFate: makes sense
I Neko l: mm hm
SilverWingdFate: he was suposed to stay at some hilton or another. i think. anywya, it was close to the airport, and he had the realization that he prolly wouldnt get any sleep because of that a bit before he left. it feels like hes been gone so long i dont remember when he left. was it tuesday?
SilverWingdFate: he got held up in phoenix because he passed out. i told him to come back, and of course his stubborn self said no. he was kind of scared about what happened, but didnt let it get to him
I Neko l: and that was the last you heard?
SilverWingdFate: that was the last time i heard from him
I Neko l: cause he called me in tears when I was in and he was still in phoenix
I Neko l: * in LAX
SilverWingdFate: i think that was that night. he called me the day after, when he was still going out there. didnt know he cried...fuck.
I Neko l: he cries to me all the time
SilverWingdFate: i dont know what to say about that...
I Neko l: what are you thinking?
SilverWingdFate: Shoulda made his ass stay home? Im jaded. If he is dead, its just one more gone. Death seems like his family curse. Im jealous of you, that you had him at all. I dunno. If he IS alive somewhere, or anywhere, and doesn't call either of us soon, he won't be alive for much longer, by my own hands.
SilverWingdFate: And what do you think ?
I Neko l: I don't think he is dead. I can sense him. and honestly other than that?
I Neko l: there were so many holes in this story... i thought that something happened and that this was some sick joke...
I Neko l: and i felt broken and bled almost dry... cause i was helpless... and I couldn't get a hold of him... you.. anyone
I Neko l: it never made sense why he said he was at the airport and I couldn't find him... that's almost impossible.
I Neko l: the airport is so small.
SilverWingdFate: I wish you knew him. I really do. You couldn't say things like that. It kinda makes me mad that you do, though I guess you had reasons. He's...innocent, I guess. I dunno. He wouldn't lie about things like that. To anyone, even if he hated them through and through.
I Neko l: crys... i really do love him
I Neko l: i have cried for almost 3 days straight now...
I Neko l: i have people all over the country looking for him
SilverWingdFate: I know...
I Neko l: I appreciate you helping me... it has cleared my mind...
I Neko l: now... funny enough... the hilton that he's staying at is where i am going to a computer convention tomorrow...
SilverWingdFate: Dont think about it. Not like i could, or did, do much anyways
I Neko l: so since i am going to be with a big group i am going to pass his pics around and have someone stay in the lobby. stake out the hotel all day.
I Neko l: but like i said, i dont' think that something too horrible has happened. just... he's tired.. and hurt and prolly really confused and helpless... he hates feeling like that...
SilverWingdFate: I see why he likes you, I think. And you know him better than he does.
I Neko l: *blush* that's what he always said.
I Neko l: what are you thinking?
SilverWingdFate: lol you two are so alike
I Neko l: hehe, and if i ask what you are thinking all the time it's cause it gives me a better feel for you
SilverWingdFate: why do you ask that so much, just curious ?
I Neko l: ESP Lol
SilverWingdFate: lol maybe i should just send a tarot deck as a wedding present
I Neko l: Hahahah, I don't think I will even need that ^.~
SilverWingdFate: heheheh, you could start your own phone hotline
I Neko l: Hey, who knows? Lol
I Neko l: So then what are you thinking?
SilverWingdFate: from what i know so far you two would make a cute couple. its adorable. i dont think you should worry too much..hes capable, i guess is the word. tough as nails when he needs to be. i wanna meet you on a one-ion-one basis sometime. i think that would be fun, lol. you just send off those 'easy-to-get-along-with' vibes
I Neko l: lol. thanks.
I Neko l: please tell me it will all work out... and that you believe that.
SilverWingdFate: one way or another, i solemnly believe itll work out
SilverWingdFate: but i think what matters is wether or not YOU believe it
I Neko l: you know... after talking to you... i really do.
SilverWingdFate: lol, and i never did anything
I Neko l: You cleared up a lot.
I Neko l: A lot of holes in the story.
I Neko l: And remember, I don't know a lot of the little things.
I Neko l: I just use the ESP.
I Neko l: as far as his common sense, and what not
SilverWingdFate: well, if its the little things you wanna know, im the person to come to, lol
I Neko l: ^-^ Ah I hoped so.
I Neko l: Well then... what do you think I should do now?
SilverWingdFate: i dunno. im a freak like that. i like to know about people, inside and out
SilverWingdFate: and now...?
I Neko l: well that he's missing and all.
SilverWingdFate: i dunno. whatever feels right, i guess. something will happen
I Neko l: please esplain. sometimes hearing other peoples thoughts helps me.
I Neko l: you know him.. what do you think will happen?
SilverWingdFate: he'll show up, totally at random and totally unexpected
SilverWingdFate: thats what i think, anyway
I Neko l: hmm.... then if that's what you think... then i will let him come to me
SilverWingdFate: if its something you haven't been doing so far, i could count that as a con factor
I Neko l: ?
I Neko l: esplain
I Neko l: sorry, im blonde
SilverWingdFate: i dunno... he has this kinda mutual respect/trust issue. if people dont let him do his thing, hatever that might be at the moment, or if they try and take over for him, i think he kinda gets the feeling they dont trust him to do it on his own
I Neko l: hmmm.... yeah, it's kinda been like that.
I Neko l: i am so used to caring for myself that it bothers him that i wont let him care for me.
SilverWingdFate: lol, i think we hit a vein. hes so used to caring for himself and everyone around him that he hates it when people take that away from him
I Neko l: *sigh* yeah...
SilverWingdFate: dont worry
I Neko l: we are always either totally opposite or completely a like
SilverWingdFate: i think it makes you two compliment each other
I Neko l: yeah, usually.
SilverWingdFate: usually ?
I Neko l: sometimes we used to clash. and on the taking care of each other.
I Neko l: he never really snapped at me, but was firm when he said that he was going to whether or not I would let him.
SilverWingdFate: i just see that as the climatization part of a relationship. it happens
I Neko l: well... then i guess that's it?
SilverWingdFate: i dont think just that would make him go into hiding for two days. but it might definitely be a root cause
I Neko l: one of hte last conversations we had was that he just kept telling me that he promised it would all be okay.
I Neko l: that's all he could tell me for like 5 mins over and over.
SilverWingdFate: was he crying then, too...?
I Neko l: But we both have issues with people taking care of us... but since he's the more dom. it's just been a bit hard for me to let it go...
I Neko l: and no... he was being the strong one... why do you ask?
SilverWingdFate: i dunno...maybe ive just never seen that side of him
I Neko l: what do you mean
SilverWingdFate: he gets irritated with a lot of people when he has to repeat himself. i cant imagine him saying something like that over and over, let alone for 5 mins
I Neko l: i think cause i was in tears
I Neko l: and like so sobbing
I Neko l: scared and stuff
SilverWingdFate: im so sorry
I Neko l: crys... i still am.... in all honesty
I Neko l: im so scared.
SilverWingdFate: at least were scared together
I Neko l: *sigh* may i please ask... what he says about me? what you know?
SilverWingdFate: you can ask anything, hun, and i wont hold back
I Neko l: *nod* then... please?
I Neko l: and if you hear from him...please tell him that i love him.... more than anything. forever and always.
SilverWingdFate: i will
I Neko l: thank you.
SilverWingdFate: when he wasnt talking TO you, he was talking ABOUT you. it was so cute, but kinda annoying sometimes when we were trying to get his mind on something else. but oh well.
I Neko l: *blush hide*
SilverWingdFate: he liked to brag about you. how you were so cute, and you had done this or that, and had impressed him by doing something or another. lo he was almost always blushing
I Neko l: *blush hide* grr.
SilverWingdFate: and then when he finally put the past away and picked up the phone for you, that was sometyhing else
I Neko l: blushing is bad.
SilverWingdFate: grr?
SilverWingdFate: lolol
SilverWingdFate: you ARE cute.
I Neko l: o.O
I Neko l: never!
I Neko l: >.<
SilverWingdFate: your proof against yourself, hun, im sorry
I Neko l: *hide*...grr... am not.
SilverWingdFate: lol, whatever
I Neko l: But what about the phone???
I Neko l: Can you esplain that to me.
SilverWingdFate: ??? give me a question to answer, because you just confused me. again, lol
I Neko l: Hahaha, can you tell me what the deal with him and the phone is?
SilverWingdFate: ...oh.....he didn't tell you...?
I Neko l: ...i never asked?
I Neko l: i just let it lie... seemed like something... sensitive.
SilverWingdFate: i don't think hed mind if i said anything...oh well, you deserve to know, i guess. and yeah. definitely sensitive
I Neko l: ....sorry....
SilverWingdFate: oh well
I Neko l: K
I Neko l: BTW: do you mind if I come up to see you when I am down there?
SilverWingdFate: i keep to my 'bearing all' claim. and iu think he would tell you if you asked. and of course i dont mind!!!
I Neko l: 23 maxwell?
SilverWingdFate: bless his poor confused self, lol!!!
I Neko l: ?
I Neko l: oh my... 32?
SilverWingdFate: mm hmm
I Neko l: Lol Lol
I Neko l: Oh my.
I Neko l: no wonder my stuff didn't get there.
SilverWingdFate: Oh, iI think I heard about that
I Neko l: *sighs and shakes her head*
SilverWingdFate: Hopefully they could follow the return address, at least, so your money and time wasnt wasted
I Neko l: Nah, I got it back
I Neko l: no worries, Ill give him the stuff in person
SilverWingdFate: he'll like that better, anyway
I Neko l: mm... vanilla.
SilverWingdFate: bleh. chocolate.
I Neko l: lol
I Neko l: so about the phone?
SilverWingdFate: lol, sorry. the train of thought is easily derailed
I Neko l: sokay
SilverWingdFate: anyway, cut and dry? (sorry out of respect i had to take this out)
I Neko l: OMG WTF?
SilverWingdFate: yeah. sensitive.
I Neko l: can i ask about the unpleasent things?
SilverWingdFate: (sorry out of respect had to take this out)
I Neko l: .....omg.....
SilverWingdFate: yeah....
I Neko l: im so sorry.
I Neko l: so were you all shocked when he spent hours with me on the phone?
SilverWingdFate: not many people know. i didn't question it, really. after hearing about you for a few months on end, its easy to figure out how much you mean to him
I Neko l: i feel so bad
I Neko l: what have i done?
SilverWingdFate: i was kinda curious when he kicked a lot of people out of his room just to talk with you in peace, lol, but, oh well. and why??
I Neko l: cause i feel like it's my fault as to why he's dissapeared
SilverWingdFate: how do you figure?
I Neko l: cause i was short with him
I Neko l: cause i was so scared and worried.
I Neko l: frustrated that i couldn't find him
SilverWingdFate: could you explain...?
I Neko l: *shrug* nothing much. just sobbing and asking him why couldn't i find him.
SilverWingdFate: alright then
I Neko l: ?
I Neko l: hmm?
SilverWingdFate: no way hed hold that against you
I Neko l: eh, i guess the mind thinks of anything to explain something it cant?
SilverWingdFate: i guess
I Neko l: sorry.
SilverWingdFate: what for?
I Neko l: truthfully?
SilverWingdFate: yeah
I Neko l: cause i feel helpless and I feel that i should say something... but i don't know wht.
I Neko l: and I am worried to death. sick... cold...
SilverWingdFate: cold? i hear ya. worried? same thing. helpless? hell yes. life goes on. its up to him now, is all i can t hink, at least for now
I Neko l: *sigh* you really think one of us will hear from him?
SilverWingdFate: yes
I Neko l: what are you thinking?
SilverWingdFate: you need to have faith. start believing in SOMETHING. i really need to meet you. go out to a club sometime. or maybe just talk over coffee at starbucks or barnes and nobles. the world needs more people like you. or even less jackassess and idiots.
SilverWingdFate: he really does love you, and he would never abandon you. i'm still jealous of that. no one gets that kind of love anymore.
I Neko l: crys...
SilverWingdFate: ... ?
I Neko l: if i don't find him before i go out there... im not going to go.
SilverWingdFate: makes sense to me. in the same situation, i wouldnt, either
I Neko l: esplain?
SilverWingdFate: i just cant, and wont, blame you for that decision
I Neko l: i don't have anyone out there but him
SilverWingdFate: yeah
I Neko l: and if i went out there, i doubt that you could entertain me for a week lol
SilverWingdFate: lol, prolly true, especially with work
I Neko l: i just hope that he is out there...
I Neko l: that i can see him
SilverWingdFate: and i hope the same, and a long and happy life for the both of you
I Neko l: *sigh wilt* ....
SilverWingdFate: ???
I Neko l: i just can't stop crying
SilverWingdFate: nothing wrong with crying..
SilverWingdFate: are you still cold?
I Neko l: it just hurts so much
SilverWingdFate: its gonna be ok..
I Neko l: and yes...im not doing so good... ive been cold and shaking... so worried and hurt
SilverWingdFate: grab yourself a blanket or two, and put on socks if you dont have any on. dont make yourself sick. take something for headaches. asprin or tylenol or some crap. midol works, too. for me, anyway, though that just might be another attribute to my wierd-ness.
I Neko l: eh, madicine is for the weak. ill live.
SilverWingdFate: oh well, sweetheart. for the moment, i'm going to dictate the status of your health, and, being the strict bitch that i am, demand you do something to improve it. or at least make the attempt, because not only do you need it,
SilverWingdFate: and not only do i not want you getting sick because iwould feel bad, but jacob would so flay me alive its not even funny
I Neko l: lol i have yet to see that side.
SilverWingdFate: sometimes its an ok side to see. sometimes he scares me
I Neko l: hmmm.... i found out about that darker side.
SilverWingdFate: oh..?
I Neko l: mm hmm
I Neko l: fits right in with a sensual side.
SilverWingdFate: yeah, definitely a good match. i'm sorry hun, but you can have it
I Neko l: Lol, I love it
SilverWingdFate: scary
I Neko l: eh... i um.. sometimes... provoke it lol
SilverWingdFate: lol, i seeeee...
I Neko l: he's intent on the "who do you belong to"
I Neko l: actaully makes me say that i belong to him o.O lol
SilverWingdFate: lol. i hope you know that hell probably kill anyone who looks at you funny because of that, now
I Neko l: Lol oh?
I Neko l: Why do you say that?
SilverWingdFate: because hes scary and posessive like that
I Neko l: can you esplain?
I Neko l: tell me a story, lol
SilverWingdFate: probably even more so with you than anything. hmm.
SilverWingdFate: lol
SilverWingdFate: just..anything. he even gets kinda fidgety just loaning things out, lol
I Neko l: Lol
I Neko l: but has he said something or done something to make you say that about me?
SilverWingdFate: he loves you. when he'll get into do-or-die brawls over something like a book or cd, i feel sorry for anyone who makes a move on you, especially when he goes so far as to even have YOU say youre his
I Neko l: o.O i take it that's not...common lol
SilverWingdFate: lol, never happened before that i know of
I Neko l: thank you so much for taking the time to talk
SilverWingdFate: anytime, hun!
I Neko l: can you still talk for a bit?
SilverWingdFate: sure!
I Neko l: it just... makes me feel better that i have some connection to him
SilverWingdFate: its all right, sweetheart
I Neko l: okay, i need to go to my house and pick up my stuff so I can spend the night here, are you going to be on in like an hour?
I Neko l: please?

**when i got back**

I Neko l: nah
SilverWingdFate: mm hmm. and you can't argue, because you know it's true, too. lol.
I Neko l: ~.~
I Neko l: is not
SilverWingdFate: yeah, yeah, whatever, lol...
I Neko l: ^-^
SilverWingdFate: see? cute.
I Neko l: so tell me about him. are we really a like?
SilverWingdFate: yes, you are.
SilverWingdFate: you say a lot of the same things
I Neko l: ?
SilverWingdFate: like..he'll deny being cute, and he talks about you in a lot of the same manner you do about him
I Neko l: ???
I Neko l: i wanna hear!
I Neko l: I wanna hear!
SilverWingdFate: lol. he does it almost without thinking. he'll kinda glaze over for a minute, and then give this pitiful long, heavy sigh. ' i miss kym...' and sometimes hell fake sniffle and make this big watery puppy-dog eyes i cant refuse until i cede out the phone line
I Neko l: YES!!!
I Neko l: *dance*
SilverWingdFate: ????
I Neko l: It's so CUTE!
I Neko l: Gawd I love him.
SilverWingdFate: lolol, yes, you two are adorable
I Neko l: *blush hide*
SilverWingdFate: so, what else do you want to know?
I Neko l: so how long did you guys know before i did>?
I Neko l: *?
SilverWingdFate: know what....??
I Neko l: that he was in love with me
I Neko l: don't you know how it started?
SilverWingdFate: oh, yes. do i. lol.
I Neko l: please tell me! Lol, it's a blur!
SilverWingdFate: he would drag m away from everyone else, and the first time he idid it, i thought there was something horrible and someone had died or something. and then he brought up the age issue and asked all these questions
I Neko l: ????
I Neko l: omg tell me
I Neko l: i wanna know!
SilverWingdFate: was it ok and all, pretty much. i kinda tried to curb around that and let him think about it himself. i don't hav e a problem about it, which i think he was getting at.
SilverWingdFate: and then there was the long distance thing, which worried him to death.
I Neko l: okay
I Neko l: and?
SilverWingdFate: mm hmm. those kinds of things
I Neko l: sorry, im escited about stuff like that.
SilverWingdFate: and...? as in, what did i say ?
SilverWingdFate: lolol. its cute.
I Neko l: hey if it was up to me id have to tell me the whole story as you lived it lol
I Neko l: *you
SilverWingdFate: that might take days, lol, and i don't remember most of it
I Neko l: sokay!
I Neko l: *sigh* ...miss him....
SilverWingdFate: but after the first time he took me aside for a bit, he did it every time he say me, just trying to get a feel for his standing.
SilverWingdFate: it's ok...
I Neko l: *sigh*
SilverWingdFate: he was always worried about what you might think and such, lol..
I Neko l: .... miss him....
SilverWingdFate: ..sorry....
I Neko l: sokay
SilverWingdFate: so gonna beat his ass.
I Neko l: i really do
I Neko l: it hurts
SilverWingdFate: i'm sorry...
I Neko l: ...sokay...
I Neko l: i just... wish i knew....
SilverWingdFate: yeah...
I Neko l: im so sorry that i am pathetic
I Neko l: i keep trying his cell... just in case...
SilverWingdFate: i'm sorry...
SilverWingdFate: and you're not pathetic
I Neko l: what are you thinking?
SilverWingdFate: i feel for you. i really do. i wish i could feel that much for a person. to miss them like that, and to keep trying.
I Neko l: what happens if he never talks to me again?
SilverWingdFate: he will.
I Neko l: grr... crying sucks
SilverWingdFate: yeah
I Neko l: so what are you going to do?
SilverWingdFate: huh?
I Neko l: about him missing?
SilverWingdFate: i dunno yet. i'll prolly think f something when im more sober
I Neko l: ?? drun?
I Neko l: *drunk?
SilverWingdFate: lolol, yes
I Neko l: hahah why?
SilverWingdFate: why not??
I Neko l: *shrug* any particualr reason?
SilverWingdFate: house alone to self, no where to go, no one to critisize, and i feel like being drunk
I Neko l: hey!
I Neko l: i am too!
I Neko l: but im a sleepy drunk
I Neko l: and pizza is good with ih
I Neko l: *it
SilverWingdFate: oh yeah. pizza and beerbread.
I Neko l: *sigh* i feel bad tho, cause he hates that i do
SilverWingdFate: yeah well he can get over it, for now at least. not like its a frickin addiction.
SilverWingdFate: im a sleepy drunk too
I Neko l: hahah, we should start a club
SilverWingdFate: lol, sleepy drunks of america ?
I Neko l: yes!
SilverWingdFate: but then id have to join the horny durnks of america, too.
I Neko l: damn i feel like i have knows you forever.
I Neko l: * known
SilverWingdFate: lol, me, too!
SilverWingdFate: i mean
SilverWingdFate: ive known you forever
I Neko l: well i hope so! you are you!
I Neko l: oh!
I Neko l: okay
SilverWingdFate: lol
I Neko l: omg im laughing so hard
SilverWingdFate: me, too. im such an idiot lololol
SilverWingdFate: but thats ok.
I Neko l: no you arent!!! we are nerds!!!!
SilverWingdFate: yeah!!!
I Neko l: yes!
I Neko l: *dance*
SilverWingdFate: lolol
I Neko l: oh my.
I Neko l: the wedding we will have.
SilverWingdFate: lossa liquor.
I Neko l: mm... he won't like that....
SilverWingdFate: if its for an occassion, he wont mind. he might even have a bit, with some persuasion.
SilverWingdFate: lolol. wonder what kind of drunk he is...?
I Neko l: *grins evily*
I Neko l: lets find out.
SilverWingdFate: oh yes...
I Neko l: I think I could persuade him.
SilverWingdFate: yueah. 'persuade'
I Neko l: mm hmm... me? seductive? never.
SilverWingdFate: oh yes. i like you.
I Neko l: hehehe, oh yes... the phone conversations we have had.
SilverWingdFate: oooooh....?
I Neko l: :X
I Neko l: he's innocent remember?
SilverWingdFate: uh-huuuuh...tell me!!!!!
I Neko l: hahahah gimme a good reason
SilverWingdFate: uhm. cause.
I Neko l: promise me we will still get married on sat and mean it
I Neko l: muhahahah
SilverWingdFate: lololol, well, i said i like you, but i dont think i meant THAT much...
I Neko l: HAHAHAHAHAH why not?
I Neko l: I could be bi?
SilverWingdFate: lololololololololol
I Neko l: oh my lol
I Neko l: hurts.. too much laughing
SilverWingdFate: lololol, same
I Neko l: omg
I Neko l: make it stop
SilverWingdFate: ??
SilverWingdFate: no!!! muahahahahah
I Neko l: it hurts
I Neko l: lol lol
SilverWingdFate: so, yeah! lets have a threesome wedding!!
I Neko l: YAY!
SilverWingdFate: is that legal...?
SilverWingdFate: oh well
I Neko l: think he will mind?
SilverWingdFate: lololol, dunno
SilverWingdFate: i just know he'll be posessive of you
I Neko l: Mm... don't mind at all.
I Neko l: *shiver*
SilverWingdFate: lololololol
I Neko l: sorry, something about dark guys does it for me.
SilverWingdFate: cant say i blame you. he is walking sex.
I Neko l: *sigh* I know.
I Neko l: can i have him?
SilverWingdFate: as far as im concerned, hes yours
I Neko l: yay!
I Neko l: really?
SilverWingdFate: yup
I Neko l: mmmm
I Neko l: *shiver*
SilverWingdFate: lololololol
I Neko l: okay... where the hell is he when you need him?
SilverWingdFate: lolol, hed prolly get onto us about drinking and sayin this stuff
SilverWingdFate: i forgot what that was, but sall good.
I Neko l: omg, lets keep going
SilverWingdFate: lol!!!
I Neko l: ^-^
I Neko l: they are trying to get the dog to kiss my leg
SilverWingdFate: eh. cats are better
I Neko l: i know@!
SilverWingdFate: we so have an army of cats, lololol
I Neko l: but i don't want the dog to lick me!
SilverWingdFate: kick it?
I Neko l: NO
I Neko l: but he better have saved me a cat
SilverWingdFate: there's lots of em
I Neko l: kittens?
SilverWingdFate: ?? yeah!!
SilverWingdFate: there all black and fluffy and cute
I Neko l: yay!!!!!!
I Neko l: i wanted one
SilverWingdFate: lololol, i think he said sometin about that
I Neko l: ~.~ better save me one
I Neko l: damn... my fiancee is hot and i can't even see him
SilverWingdFate: how sad is that?
I Neko l: well fuck me
SilverWingdFate: if you insist....
I Neko l: o.O lolololol
SilverWingdFate: lololol
SilverWingdFate: really, i lean towards the les side of bi
I Neko l: I know!
SilverWingdFate: ???
I Neko l: he told me?
SilverWingdFate: oh!!! duh
I Neko l: hehehe, ah if he only knew
SilverWingdFate: oh yeeaaah
I Neko l: lol
I Neko l: he's not into that tho i guess
I Neko l: hasn't been much into sex anyway i guess till me
I Neko l: o.O
SilverWingdFate: yeah! whassup withat?
SilverWingdFate: not that its bad, lololololol
I Neko l: I dunno! have you noticed a change in him like that?
SilverWingdFate: a healthy libido is good!!!!
SilverWingdFate: yeah. he akes a lot more funny lewd comments
I Neko l: ??? oohh!!! DO TELL
SilverWingdFate: he just likes to twist everyday expressions and gestures and such the wrong way
I Neko l: mmm... oh yes...
SilverWingdFate: lololol, i asked him once if everything as an invitation
I Neko l: ~.~ mine
SilverWingdFate: and he laugh and says, i dont need an invitation!
SilverWingdFate: and yeah, hes yours
I Neko l: <---possesive
SilverWingdFate: lolol, no, i missed that hint
I Neko l: hahahha
I Neko l: okay well... MINE
SilverWingdFate: yeah.
I Neko l: hm
I Neko l: so what are you going to tell him about me lol
SilverWingdFate: i am so wasted. lol.
SilverWingdFate: and i''m gonna steal you and e're gonna run off to mexico
I Neko l: YAY!
I Neko l: Wait!
I Neko l: You have to let me cuddle with him firsty.
SilverWingdFate: and he can tag along as your sex servant if he REALL Ywants it THAT bad.
I Neko l: *first
SilverWingdFate: lol, do you REALLLY mean cuddle?
I Neko l: mmm... *evil hentai grin* hey... he's the one that inspires my drive... you should hear the things he says
SilverWingdFate: oh reeeaaaallllyyy?
I Neko l: mm hmm
SilverWingdFate: hmmmm
I Neko l: never knew he had an obsession with going down on a grrl
SilverWingdFate: lol, me, neither
SilverWingdFate: fuck!!!
I Neko l: *blush*
SilverWingdFate: lol, cute, you
SilverWingdFate: and ive gtg
I Neko l: why?????
SilverWingdFate: need to sleep this off before 6 tomorrow
I Neko l: hahah okay. talk again?
SilverWingdFate: yeah!!1!
SilverWingdFate: tomorrow?
I Neko l: Yes!
I Neko l: when?
SilverWingdFate: yes!!!
SilverWingdFate: and i dunno. 'round noon-1 your time???
I Neko l: hey i am going to be a a puter show, but if you get on and im not here, Email me at Neko@vtext.com
SilverWingdFate: ok!!!
I Neko l: that will go to my cell and we can chat that way
SilverWingdFate: cool!
I Neko l: YAY!
I Neko l: *dance*
SilverWingdFate: all right. it was great getting drunk with you, lolololol!!!
I Neko l: once agin.. if you hear from him... tell him that i love and miss him so much
SilverWingdFate: i will
I Neko l: it was great getting drunk with you too!
SilverWingdFate: yeah!!!!!!
SilverWingdFate: remember, Mexico!
I Neko l: YAY!
SilverWingdFate: lolololololol, night!
I Neko l: Night!
SilverWingdFate signed off at 10:16:43 PM.

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...all i want is for someone to hold me right now...someone real... [01 Nov 2002|09:22pm]

[ mood | crushed ]

*sigh*... this is hopefully going to explain the last post... you all know Jake, or Tora or LJ user Demented_Dream. That's my BF and Fiancee... or so I thought. He was supposed to come out here and see me on my BDay this past Monday... then he got jumped and stabbed so he couldn't come out here till Wednesday. So his flight left at 530am ( all of this is in CA time ), and I got a call at 1130 from him in Houston, TX saying that his flight was dealyed... 3 hours later.. he called and said the flight still wasn't leaving so I called all over and arranged for him to go to a smalled airport and catch a flight that would arrive here at 916pm. He called me at 735pm saying that they were waiting for the flight to leave from Phoenix, AZ. I went to LAX to pick him up and found that his flight was delayed to 1005pm, so I waited.... he didn't show... he called me sobbing something like 1030pm from somewhere in Phoenix and said that he had passed out and was in some hospital somewhere... so I went home... next morning he said that he was at Phoenix Baptist and the stab wound had cut though a nerve and that the medication he was taking was wrong, so he passed out cause of over exertion and what not... after filling out paper work... caught another flight out to Burbank that was to arrive at 243pm. So I took off early from work to get him... and called when the flight got there... for 2 hours we played tag with his dying cell phone and I never found him... so I went home... by this time... I was bleeding and broken... sobbing... feeling hurt... why couldn't I find him? There are 2 terminals in the whole airport... and I couldn't find him... and why couldn't he call me from a payphone.... why couldn't I see him... and when he said that he saw me... why didn't he come after me... Later last night he called me when he got to his room something like 4 hours later... we were supposed to spend Halloween together.... it was the first time in my whole life that I haven't celebrated... it's all a blur from there about the rest of the night... I was shaking and cold... delierious... he called me from the room... saying that he was at the Hilton in room 423... I asked him if I could see him then I heard some guy in the background and him saying "just a min"... then the cell got cut out... he called somewhere about midnight and I said that I would call him when I got up... so I could see him in the morning... this whole time... still getting cut out by the cell.... why couldn't he call from the room? This morning he called and got directions... never showed... I know that he never came to CA... and I haven't spoken to him since he said he was coming... so now I sit here... still broken and bleeding... lost... hurt... still cold and shaking... there is more to the story... but how can I hear someone in the background when he's by himself? And how can you not find someone in a 2 terminal airport for 2 hours? And if he saw me... why didn't he come after me. Did I mention that I went to the Hotel room... and it wasn't his... nor was he in the hotel... I was supposed to go out there this next week... we were to get married.. on the 9th... please... if anyone sees him... or knows where he is... tell him that i love him... more than anything... forever and always. Remind him that one of our last conversations last night was him saying that it was all going to be okay... that he promised... he promised that he wouldn't abandon me like so many others in my life... and that I love him... always and forever...

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Wigs [21 Oct 2002|05:29am]

[ mood | calm ]

I dunno how many of you are out here in CA, but yesterday I went down to Hollywood (which I keep forgetting is only like 15 mins. from me) and went to this great wig place for my Felicia costume. It cost me only $75, and they are cutting and styling it to what I want. In the dark blue color non the less. And that's pretty damn good for Hollywood and cheaper then the internet. Anywho, the place is on Hollywood Blvd. called the Outfitters next to Fredricks of Hollywood. Anywho, just a helpful thing for Halloween if you guys cared ^.~

~ Neko

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New pics!!! [14 Oct 2002|05:50am]

[ mood | bouncy ]

Okay, so here are some pics that I took Friday night. I don't like some of them, but oh well. Muhahahahah!!!! *teeheehee* ^-^

Me!!! ^-^


~ Neko

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Megumi Kitten!!!! [11 Oct 2002|07:16pm]

[ mood | busy ]

Okay, so this is the deal... a good friend of mine is a FANTASTIC artist... I love her work... will you all do me a favor and look at her stuff, and if you like it, PLEASE EMail her and tell her??? She doesn't believe me!!! Please??? Help!!!

Megumi Kitten

P.S. Her EMail addy is on her page. Thanks!!!

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Yay for Neko! [11 Oct 2002|07:33pm]

[ mood | Worshipping ]

We love you, Neko.. you rocks our proverbial socks! *Cheers and throws confetti* ^.^

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A random Neko fan! [11 Oct 2002|05:33pm]

[ mood | happy ]

*Signs up and joins the fanclub*

Yay! Catgirl-vampires forever!

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Feels like High School.... [11 Oct 2002|05:44am]

[ mood | amused ]


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Nyark. [11 Oct 2002|01:58am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

Salutations, faithful believers, and welcome to a community dedicated to worshipping the very ground that Neko walks on. Why? Well, because it's my opinion that she deserves it (though don't credit me with making this community ¬_¬). Yes, Neko deserves nothing less than to have a fan club, and has enough fans to rival even that of people with extraordinarily large noses (i.e. Barbera Streissand, Ross Perot... Mario.). Not to mention that she's PrettYer than they could ever hope to be, can jump buildings in a single bound, and... wait... got sidetracked there. Well, she COULD be a superheroine =P. Right, that's enough rambling for any one post. I hope to see future support for Neko. Wai! ^_^

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WAIIIIII!!!! [10 Oct 2002|10:51pm]

[ mood | excited ]

YAY!! I gots my own fan club!!!! *dance* Hehehe...I don't quite know what I am doing yet.... but it seemed a good idea at 10:50 at night! Lol. Thanks for joining!!!! *sqeeeeeeeeee!!!*

~ Neko

Kitten's Playground

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First Post! [11 Oct 2002|01:44am]

[ mood | amused ]

and i'm not even the owner ^_^

I guess i have to do the intro now, huh? well then welcome to Neko's fan club. If you love Neko no Miko then you're welcome here!

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