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...all i want is for someone to hold me right now...someone real...

*sigh*... this is hopefully going to explain the last post... you all know Jake, or Tora or LJ user Demented_Dream. That's my BF and Fiancee... or so I thought. He was supposed to come out here and see me on my BDay this past Monday... then he got jumped and stabbed so he couldn't come out here till Wednesday. So his flight left at 530am ( all of this is in CA time ), and I got a call at 1130 from him in Houston, TX saying that his flight was dealyed... 3 hours later.. he called and said the flight still wasn't leaving so I called all over and arranged for him to go to a smalled airport and catch a flight that would arrive here at 916pm. He called me at 735pm saying that they were waiting for the flight to leave from Phoenix, AZ. I went to LAX to pick him up and found that his flight was delayed to 1005pm, so I waited.... he didn't show... he called me sobbing something like 1030pm from somewhere in Phoenix and said that he had passed out and was in some hospital somewhere... so I went home... next morning he said that he was at Phoenix Baptist and the stab wound had cut though a nerve and that the medication he was taking was wrong, so he passed out cause of over exertion and what not... after filling out paper work... caught another flight out to Burbank that was to arrive at 243pm. So I took off early from work to get him... and called when the flight got there... for 2 hours we played tag with his dying cell phone and I never found him... so I went home... by this time... I was bleeding and broken... sobbing... feeling hurt... why couldn't I find him? There are 2 terminals in the whole airport... and I couldn't find him... and why couldn't he call me from a payphone.... why couldn't I see him... and when he said that he saw me... why didn't he come after me... Later last night he called me when he got to his room something like 4 hours later... we were supposed to spend Halloween together.... it was the first time in my whole life that I haven't celebrated... it's all a blur from there about the rest of the night... I was shaking and cold... delierious... he called me from the room... saying that he was at the Hilton in room 423... I asked him if I could see him then I heard some guy in the background and him saying "just a min"... then the cell got cut out... he called somewhere about midnight and I said that I would call him when I got up... so I could see him in the morning... this whole time... still getting cut out by the cell.... why couldn't he call from the room? This morning he called and got directions... never showed... I know that he never came to CA... and I haven't spoken to him since he said he was coming... so now I sit here... still broken and bleeding... lost... hurt... still cold and shaking... there is more to the story... but how can I hear someone in the background when he's by himself? And how can you not find someone in a 2 terminal airport for 2 hours? And if he saw me... why didn't he come after me. Did I mention that I went to the Hotel room... and it wasn't his... nor was he in the hotel... I was supposed to go out there this next week... we were to get married.. on the 9th... please... if anyone sees him... or knows where he is... tell him that i love him... more than anything... forever and always. Remind him that one of our last conversations last night was him saying that it was all going to be okay... that he promised... he promised that he wouldn't abandon me like so many others in my life... and that I love him... always and forever...
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